2 Steps to Achieving Your Vision

Step 1

write it down: Many times, the reason you don’t achieve what you set out to, is simply that you never wrote it down. My recommendation for running with a vision is to, first and foremost, write it down.
Have you received an idea or instruction when you think? Go ahead and write it down now. In the course of doing this, you are bringing it to life; you are taking it from the spirit realm to the physical.

Step 2

The next step will be to “make it plain upon tables”. In making it plain, you can break it into objectives or smaller goals on Monthly, Weekly and Daily basses, assign your daily hours on assignment and as you accomplish each of them, you’ll get closer to achieving the entire vision.
Now, beyond writing down what to do to achieve the vision, you must also take note of the things not to do THE ACTION to ensure that your vision is fulfilled – Making It Happen.
Remember, you cannot achieve new things with old habits.

There are some old unacceptable habits and friends who pulled you back from achieving your goals; you need to dissociate yourself from them.

Check your morning routines previously; did they help you get the best out of your days? If not, then you need to change them.
How were your relationships? If it was shaky in any aspect, then you must be determined to change to be better than ever before. Remember, if you do not focus, determine and dedicated to your set objectives, you are merely wasting YOUR time.